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class vlcp.service.sdn.vxlanvtep.VXLANHandler(connection, parent)
__init__(connection, parent)

Create the routine container.

  • scheduler – The scheduler. This must be set; if None is used, it must be set with container.bind(scheduler) before using.
  • daemon – If daemon = True, the main routine container.main is set to be a daemon routine. A daemon routine does not stop the scheduler from quitting; if all non-daemon routines are quit, the scheduler stops.

Call vtep controller in sequence, merge mutiple calls if possible

When a bind relationship is updated, we always send all logical ports to a logicalswitch, to make sure it recovers from some failed updates (so called idempotency). When multiple calls are pending, we only need to send the last of them.


The main routine method, should be rewritten to an async method

class vlcp.service.sdn.vxlanvtep.VXLANMapChanged(*args, **kwargs)
class vlcp.service.sdn.vxlanvtep.VXLANVtep(server)

Use hardware_vtep instead of software VXLAN




get vxlan -> vlan , bind info

class vlcp.service.sdn.vxlanvtep.VtepControllerCall(*args, **kwargs)