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Created on 2016/2/23

class vlcp.service.sdn.ofpportmanager.OpenflowPortManager(server)

Manage Ports from Openflow Protocol




Return all (datapathid, port, vhost) tuples, optionally filterd by vhost

getportbyname(datapathid, name, vhost='')

Return port with specified port name

getportbyno(datapathid, portno, vhost='')

Return port with specified OpenFlow portno

getports(datapathid, vhost='')

Return all ports of a specifed datapath

resync(datapathid, vhost='')

Resync with current ports

waitportbyname(datapathid, name, timeout=30, vhost='')

Wait for a port with the specified port name to appear, or until timeout

waitportbyno(datapathid, portno, timeout=30, vhost='')

Wait for the specified OpenFlow portno to appear, or until timeout.

exception vlcp.service.sdn.ofpportmanager.OpenflowPortNotAppearException
class vlcp.service.sdn.ofpportmanager.OpenflowPortSynchronized(*args, **kwargs)