5.7.19. vlcp.utils.redisclient


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Created on 2016/1/8

class vlcp.utils.redisclient.RedisClient(url=None, db=None, protocol=None)
__init__(url=None, db=None, protocol=None)

Redis client to communicate with Redis server. Several connections are created for different functions.

  • url – connectiom url, e.g. ‘tcp://localhost/’. If not specified, redisclient.url in configuration is used
  • db – default database. If not specified, redisclient.db in configuration is used, which defaults to 0.
  • protocol – use a pre-created protocol instance instead of creating a new instance
execute_command(container, *args)
Execute command on Redis server:
  • For (P)SUBSCRIBE/(P)UNSUBSCRIBE, the command is sent to the subscribe connection. It is recommended to use (p)subscribe/(p)unsubscribe method instead of directly call the command
  • For BLPOP, BRPOP, BRPOPLPUSH, the command is sent to a separated connection. The connection is recycled after command returns.
  • For other commands, the command is sent to the default connection.

Get an exclusive connection, useful for blocked commands and transactions.

You must call release or shutdown (not recommanded) to return the connection after use.

Parameters:container – routine container
Returns:RedisClientBase object, with some commands same as RedisClient like execute_command, batch_execute, register_script etc.

Return an object to be used like a connection. Put the connection-like object in module.connections to make RedisClient shutdown on module unloading.

psubscribe(container, *keys)

Subscribe to specified globs

  • container – routine container
  • *keys – subscribed globs

list of event matchers for the specified globs

punsubscribe(container, *keys)

Unsubscribe specified globs. Every subscribed glob should be unsubscribed exactly once, even if duplicated subscribed.

  • container – routine container
  • *keys

    subscribed globs

shutdown(container, force=False)

Shutdown all connections. Exclusive connections created by get_connection will shutdown after release()

subscribe(container, *keys)

Subscribe to specified channels

  • container – routine container
  • *keys

    subscribed channels


list of event matchers for the specified channels

subscribe_state_matcher(container, connected=True)

Return a matcher to match the subscribe connection status.

  • container – a routine container. NOTICE: this method is not a routine.
  • connected – if True, the matcher matches connection up. If False, the matcher matches connection down.

an event matcher.

unsubscribe(container, *keys)

Unsubscribe specified channels. Every subscribed key should be unsubscribed exactly once, even if duplicated subscribed.

  • container – routine container
  • *keys – subscribed channels
class vlcp.utils.redisclient.RedisClientBase(conn=None, parent=None, protocol=None)

Connect to Redis server

__init__(conn=None, parent=None, protocol=None)

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

batch_execute(container, *cmds, raise_first_exception=False)

execute a batch of commands on current connection in pipeline mode

context(container, release=True, lockconn=True)

Use with statement to manage the connection

Params release:if True(default), release the connection when leaving with scope
Params lockconn:
 if True(default), do not allow reconnect during with scope; execute commands on a disconnected connection raises Exceptions.
ensure_registerd(container, *scripts)

Ensure that these scripts are cached on the server. Important when using scripts with batch_execute.

  • container – routine container.
  • *scripts – registered script tuples, return value of register_script
eval_registered(container, registerd_script, *args)

eval a registered script. If the script is not cached on the server, it is automatically cached.

execute_command(container, *args)

execute command on current connection

register_script(container, script)

register a script to this connection.

Returns:registered script. This is a tuple (sha1, script). Pass the tuple to eval_registered, ensure_registerd as registerd_script parameter.

Release the connection, leave it to be reused later.

shutdown(container, force=False)

Shutdown all connections to Redis server

exception vlcp.utils.redisclient.RedisConnectionDown
exception vlcp.utils.redisclient.RedisConnectionRestarted