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Created on 2015/12/2

class vlcp.service.manage.webapi.WebAPI(server)

Call module API from web. Free access to any module APIs may create serious security problems, make sure to configure this module properly.



class vlcp.service.manage.webapi.WebAPIHandler(parent)

Create the routine container.

  • scheduler – The scheduler. This must be set; if None is used, it must be set with container.bind(scheduler) before using.
  • daemon – If daemon = True, the main routine container.main is set to be a daemon routine. A daemon routine does not stop the scheduler from quitting; if all non-daemon routines are quit, the scheduler stops.

Start container.main as the main routine.

Parameters:asyncStart – if True, start the routine in background. By default, the routine starts in foreground, which means it is executed to the first yield statement before returning. If the started routine raises an exception, the exception is re-raised to the caller of start