5.5.2. vlcp.server.server


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Created on 2015/7/24

class vlcp.server.server.Server

Create a server with all necessary parts




Start the server

vlcp.server.server.main(configpath=None, startup=None, daemon=False, pidfile=None, fork=None)

The most simple way to start the VLCP framework

  • configpath – path of a configuration file to be loaded
  • startup – startup modules list. If None, server.startup in the configuration files is used; if server.startup is not configured, any module defined or imported into __main__ is loaded.
  • daemon

    if True, use python-daemon to fork and start at background. python-daemon must be installed:

    pip install python-daemon
  • pidfile – if daemon=True, this file is used for the pidfile.
  • fork – use extra fork to start multiple instances